Id and superego

They say the id is desire,

The part of you that is want

That is balanced out by superego

Which appears to mean logic

But lately I feel unbalanced

Some days wanting her back is all I am

My everything

Is my superego so weak it lost control

Is the id part roaming free?

Or is even the logic driven adult side

Unable to tell the other, childlike part?

For saying “no”‘s far different than explaining “never”

The hurt much deeper, a secret that no child should have to learn,

The hurt we wish we did not know

That we hide from part of ourselves;

That part that yearns and dreams

The part that wishes and sees magic

The part that logic must temper without breaking

As an adult teaches a child.

And I, the ego, caught between

Watching the silent battle within each one

Feeling the pain rage

Both the part that yearns and doesn’t understand

And the part that knows but dare not speak the truth

Both ache in different ways and yet the same

Both kept awake and sleepless with the pain


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