I still see you in the dark brown hair and eyes of actresses who look just like you;

As they stare out of the screen all the things you could have been stare back at me,

It almost makes me weep.

I see you in the shops you once frequented, amongst the aisles full of makeup

And elegant clothes and expensive perfumes just like the ones you left me

I would give anything to have you back.

I see you in your daughter, left behind, inheriting your appearance and your mind

For just like you she is beautiful and intelligent and deserves more than her father can ever be

She deserves you.

I see you in my mother’s tears, her love for you burning like a thousand suns,

Her memories of you burning brighter still and her pain at your loss indescribable.

Our grief runs deeper than the sea.

I see you in my dreams, still as you were, as though nothing had happened

I see you as you were all those years ago, before it all, before our world was darkened.

You are not forgotten.


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