It feels like success requires not succumbing even when every part of you screams to give up. And that’s harder than most people think. Probably doesn’t help that giving everything else up for that one career choice is romanticized in a lot of media. It doesn’t take into account that people need a life outside their work. It acts as though destroying yourself and even others to get to the top is a virtue of some kind. But it’s wrong. Why can’t it be easier for people to be happy. In this capitalist society the obsession is work, because we must to survive, but we are also told to suppress our emotions, needs and other dreams in the name of work. It is never considered that success might not need fame or riches, that it might be raising a happy family or working as a teacher or writing stories… this world is selfish and harsh, and tells us all to dream of money, which is entirely a social construct, albeit necessary to survive. Well, to hell with that. My success will be love and stories and friendship and having a place to feel safe, no matter how far I get in the working world.


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