Winter Is Coming

I’m in two minds about winter. On the one hand, it’s cold, damp, dark and miserable. On the other hand, there are warm, fluffy clothes, lazy weekends of snuggling in the warmth and twinkly lights everywhere. It is the season of eternally having a slight cold, but also the season of steaming cups of hot chocolate. It is the season of cold wet damp miserable weather, but also… SNOW! It is a season where the dark makes it easier to fall into misery, but also where we are reminded of the importance of our loved ones. It is a season where people try to be happy, despite everything. It is a season of lights and glitter and closeness (if only just for warmth). A time when the weather gives us an excuse to stay inside, where the cold outside makes indoors seem that much warmer. The darkest season, yet the perfect time to appreciate fairy lights and fireworks because when else could you see those at 5pm, lighting up the night that has descended on your way home from work?

In a way, winter is a living example of how the dark moments can make the bright ones so much brighter, even if they are bittersweet.


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