School Reunion

Where are we now?

In our suits and offices,

Hiding away from the world in the name of income

Losing ourselves to live, all so alone

Even in the crowd, colleagues are not schoolmates,

Now there are rules, acceptable smalltalk, never get close

Work takes over our lives yet we are expected to find our friends elsewhere

Expected at work to be workers, robotic and well behaved

Keeping personality for the home life we are losing

This battle with ourselves as the world pits home against work

We drown our dreams in ambition and pretend to be happy

Keep busy so as to avoid the time to think

Because if we think too hard about it we may fall

We coast between too close to the sun and too far from the light

Documenting our flight on the internet

Keeping in our hearts the secret: we are falling.

Who are we now?


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