Halfway there!!!!!

At the beginning of this month my friend and I agreed to a Battle of the Blogs – each day of November, we would write a blog post. I’m not sure either of us expected to get this far, but we both have and I’m proud of us. It’s hard to find the time to blog whilst adjusting to the working world, and we’ve both had days when our posts were short or last-minute. But we are succeeding together, motivating and inspiring each other to push on through. I’ve loved being able to read her daily posts, and you can see why below:


Writing daily is making me better at finding quiet time in the day for myself, even if it’s only half an hour. It gives me a chance to write down my thoughts and practise expressing myself, something which I was getting out of practise at. I am becoming more confident in what I write, helped by my friend’s daily encouragement.

I feel like I am relearning my love of writing, one day at a time – a small spark of happiness in a life that can often seem so bleak.


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