Inner Child

Oh mad and beautiful thing, where have you gone?

You in whose eyes gleamed fire and hope and joy,

You whose heart was yet unbroken, you who had never felt grief

Where are you now?

We used to run together through dreamlands filled with foes

We used to conquer all, ending our quests by teatime but then,

Always ready for the next adventure we would flee dragons, fight witches…

At night you told me stories to help me sleep.

Oh strange, wild creature why am I forsaken,

Alone in this dark world I need your wonder,

Where have you fled to, to see the joy in sunsets and Christmas all alone?

You who never used to fear, who had the confidence of an immortal…

But when the dark of adulthood was dawning, when hard truths hit,

When grief was known and life dulled at the edges,

My world no longer bright with adventure, my heart no longer spilling stories…

You were gone, leaving me all alone. To fight a battle only you can win.


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