My dyspraxia pisses me off

Quite apart from the fact that I have, just now, had to teach my phone not to autocorrect the word “dyspraxia” to “dysplasia” (why), my dyspraxia has been irritating me lately. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as being 24 and struggling to do basic things, like tie your shoelaces, type, or walk normally, because your brain has suddenly uncalibrated from the world, and every time you try to use fine motor skills you suddenly experience a feeling uncannily like bad lag in a video game. The difference here is that this is real life and the challenges you face are mundane things like cups of tea, computer keyboards and phones. Not even autocorrect helps. It’s that bad.

The other thing that is malfunctioning is processing. Especially numbers and audio. It’s incredibly embarrassing when, at work, you periodically have to double and triple check the numbers on your screen before you can correctly understand them, because your brain has apparently forgotten what numbers are. Even less fun when you have to check after meetings what was said because your comprehension of spoken English vanished half way through, and you may as well have been listening to another, unfamiliar language. I’m doing the same things as other people but using twice the brainpower. The stress it causes is immense, not least because people don’t understand – dyspraxia is one of those things that comes and goes. This means that I can be fine one day and a complete mess the next.

Another time I may write about combatting dyspraxia, but currently I am stressed, tired and grumpy.

So for now, good night!



  1. I feel this so much! Like why can’t my brain do these simple things?!?? I find it makes my long term memory amazing though, so I guess there are benefits too ❤️❤️ it’s important to remember that, as well as all your strengths, when struggles relating to dyspraxia are getting you down

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