Busy day today so it’s a short, speedily done post.

Fireworks displays have always been terrifying for me. Not because of the fireworks themselves, though that did used to be a factor, but because of everything else. Being forced to navigate large, bustling crowds of people whilst music blares from speakers which seem to be everywhere, interrupted by the occasional incomprehensible announcement, is my idea of hell. Not to mention the cold, the lack of seating that doesn’t consist of cold, damp grass that stains your jeans and the frequently bad quality and/or execution of the display itself.

But tonight was different. Though still stressed by the crowds and the noise, I was able to calm down once we found somewhere to sit. The coat I was wearing was warm, and my boyfriend’s arm around me reassured me. And the fireworks display was pretty, and I was fully able to enjoy watching the sparkles, not distracted by anxiety or errant thoughts. For once, I could just be happy in the moment, sat on the grass with friends in the cold night air, just enjoying the fireworks.

All in all, one of the best nights I’ve had in a while.


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