The little things that get me through

Sometimes it is important to appreciate the little things, especially when you feel sad. The little things are like tiny sparks of happiness in your day, just bright enough to light up your face with a smile, but not so bright that they are overwhelming.

They say that without dark moments we cannot appreciate the light ones, but sometimes the dark is so all encompassing that things that are too bright hurt and overwhelm. The quiet ache of living without some of the people who taught me to love life is sometimes too much at moments when the world preaches joy; Christmas, birthdays, holidays, adventures…

At other times I feel guilty for letting the darkness blot out the light of things I want to enjoy like parties or socialising or days out.

So there are little things that get me through; brief moments of joy that miraculously don’t come with a quiet ache in my chest. Things like coffee mugs that are just the right shade of blue, sparkling lights that are hung just right, people with colourful hair, unexpected good music. I love these little moments, brief distractions from the harsh, loud, frustrating world. In a way, they are brief escapes spread throughout my day, helping me survive.


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