So, it begins…

As I write this, moments are ticking by, and there is almost a thrill to knowing my writing time is limited. If I have not posted something by midnight tonight; 40 minutes from now, I will already be losing. Normally, this would not particularly matter, but this is a battle I waged. At the weekend, I was lucky enough to spend time with a friend who I’ve known since I was five, who happens to be an amazing writer. On realising that we were both feeling the strain of adult life, we agreed to take on a challenge together; every day in November, we would make a blog post. And so I sit here, defiantly staring down the clock, refusing to lose on the first day.

This blog will, for at least the next month, be my thoughts, overthoughts, and perhaps short stories and poems, if I manage to write any that aren’t horrifically bad!

My hope is that in doing this with her I will find inspiration and motivation, and perhaps help her to find that too. Perhaps I will successfully return to writing as a hobby, and regain some semblance of skill with words. I feel that there is hope.

Even so, amidst the battles of finding time, finding inspiration and defeating the evils of autocorrect towers the worst of all, the big bad; the battle with myself. As I read my words they sound clunky, inelegant, and read as though written by an 8 year old. Perhaps this will change, perhaps it won’t. But for now…

Challenge. On.

Check out my friend’s amazing blog at


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